A Fit Body Goes Great with a White Smile

If you’re looking to improve your smile, you need to take care of it in the same way you take care of your body. A lot of people forget the importance of their mouth and think that a healthy mouth simply equals white teeth. This is not true! 😲

Many people have naturally white teeth but they are still plagued with a mouth full of cavities and deep-rooted issues in their gums that could cause dozens of problems for them down the road. In order to avoid becoming one of those people who has to get dentures at 40 years old, there are many steps you can take to reverse the “aging” effects of neglectful oral hygiene and get back those white shiny pearls like you had when you were a kid. 😁

healthy-white-smileHere are 3 healthy habits you can begin immediately:

1 – Always brush your teeth first thing upon waking up in the morning or after your morning coffee/breakfast. If you are a regular coffee drinker, it is crucial that you limit the amount of coffee you are drinking each day or brush your teeth after every glass. Brush your teeth after each meal and before bed and remember to floss before going to sleep so that your teeth can recuperate during the evening.

2 – Regularly schedule check-ups with your family dentist or family dentist in la mesa and have a teeth cleaning done at least once a year or preferably, once every 6 months. Maybe people put off going in for a cleaning year after year and cleaning your teeth professionally is essential for keeping a healthy mouth. Your dentist will be able to spot problems that your teeth might be having that could lead to larger health issues and your family doctor would have no idea otherwise. Your dentist can also see if there are any smaller dental issues that require you to pay more attention to flossing or brushing certain areas of your teeth that otherwise you wouldn’t have known about. Many people complain they can’t go in for their yearly cleaning because of financial costs, but a yearly maintenance can save you hundreds of dollars as opposed to avoiding the dentist for 3 years and then having to pay thousands for a major operation.

3 – Limit your sugar intake! This one hurts, I know. But sugar is bad for your teeth, plain and simple. Stop eating sugar before bed and if you do, make sure you brush your teeth. Stick to sugar-free chewing gum if the cravings strike and you start to crave sugar. Limit your soft drink consumption as well because carbonated water is bad for your teeth in excess. Eating too much sugar in excess will cause cavities so make sure your children follow the same guidelines.