Weight Lifting Tips from my Girlfriend

So it’s true, I’m finally attached. Got myself a new lady I met at the gym 6 months ago. We began training together and she wanted me to spot her during some exercises (but I know she just wanted to chat to me since I’m looking lean as heck lately! At first I questioned why she was lifting so much weight because I thought she was going to bulk up.  But man that girl sure taught me a thing or two about women and weight lifting.  You don’t bulk up and actually end up losing more fat, more weight and getting skinnier and leaner than doing any amount of cardio alone.

My girlfriend said that girls need to ditch doing high repetitions and light exercises where they’ll use 3 or 5 pound weights and do about 40 repetitions. The only way to gain muscle and get a nice lean and firm body is to be lifting as heavy as you can without hurting yourself. Do only enough repetitions until failure and you literally can’t lift one more or your hands feel like they’ll fall off.  When you lift like this, you’re helping your body build muscle. And the largest muscle group of all the body is the thighs and legs. The more you lift, the more muscle you gain, the more calories you’ll burn on a daily basis.

home gym

We also get bored of going to the gym sometimes so my girlfriend does a weight training program from home called the 21 day fix extreme which you can learn more about here. This program is designed with 7 workouts that you’ll do from Monday to Sunday.  Some of the workouts target the upper and lower body and others are focused mainly on cardio, yoga or Pilates.

When we’d train together at the gym, I’d do my own thing. But my girl asked if I would do some of the 21 day fix extreme workouts with her and I laughed a bit, thinking it’d be way easy for me and I wouldn’t get anything out of it. I couldn’t have been more wrong and her smile spread from ear to ear watching me struggle and pant, lol!

So if you want to work out from home, this 3 week at home based program is ideal for both partners or friends wanting to motivate each other, lose weight and also gain some muscle. And the best part is that the workouts are only 30 minutes long each! So there are no excuses to be made for not doing it.

Spring is Coming: Get Shredded in 21 Days

Okay, I know it’s only February but let’s be real here.  Spring is coming and it ain’t gonna wait for you to get nice and lean. Most people laugh and say “Oh, I’ll be fit by then – I believe in myself – I still have time!  Seriously, bro? You think that you’re gonna do more in March? Really? Did you last year? My guess is no.

funny weight loss jokes

The time is now to get in shape and if you think that you have time, you are fooling yourself.  It takes a lot longer to get fit than it does to put on the pounds.  A hardcore workout of 30 minutes might burn you 350 calories if you’re lucky. And that donut you just ate packed on 500 calories. So you tell me how you think you’re going to get in shape before the summer. That’s right, you won’t.  Lucky for you, I’m going to give you a kickstart diet but only if you promise me you will commit NOW and stop wasting your time and mine! The 21 day fix diet plan program is an awesome way to get fit.  It only takes 2 weeks to be locked into a habit. The first week will be torture, i know. Giving up sugar and carbs for 2 weeks? WHAT? That is unheard of for most people – especially when you’re going to parties and drinking beer each night.  But if you’re complaining, I want you to look down at that belly of yours ant let me know if you still want it.

If you can cut out sugar for that long, there isn’t much you can’t do.  Soon you won’t even be craving the junk you normally eat on a day to day basis.  Sure, everyone has their vices.  But you can’t let food be your vice. You need to indulge in something else, something that won’t make you fat. Maybe this is the first time you’ll hear this on a fitness blog, but I have a great idea.  How about indulging by watching a binge session of a new TV series.  What? How will that help me lose weight?  Well, you’re going to workout while watching the show.  Get an exercise bike for under 50 bucks at a second hand shop or a small time stepper. You don’t need a crazy top of the line machine. You just need something you can MOVE to and burn calories.  Make your time valuable.  The 21 day diet requires persistence, patience and commitment.  Don’t eat any junk for 21 days and see how you feel afterwards.  I promise you that after the first two weeks, you will get over the cravings and you’ll be able to walk by a bakery and not even crave any junk.  It’s just that simple.

Comment below and let me know if you’ve tried my suggestions and how they have worked for you. I’ve lost about 10 pounds by trying this in only 3 weeks and my muscles are more cut than ever.

Cutting using Portion Control Containers

Okay, so everyone loves the bulking phase. Man, who wouldn’t love stuffing your face with carbs, fats and your favorite beef sandwiches? Bulking is easy. I know some dudes have small appetites, but I certainly don’t. I eat like a horse.  I could probably actually eat a horse.  But that is the easy part – consuming excessive amounts of calories to help you bulk up in muscle before you go through the cutting phase to shred your body so you can see how defined your muscles are.  A lot of people don’t actually make it through this phase.  We recommend following a diet that is SIMPLE.

Here is my set:

my portion containers

Calorie counting is not my friend. I got some portion control containers for Christmas to help me during the cutting phase.  They are from this popular workout program called the 21 day fix that combines both diet and exercise in one. The container sizes vary in color depending on the food group.  The smallest ones are blue and orange and are reserved for eating seeds, salad dressings or oils.  The blue ones are for fats like avocados, hummus and so forth.  This is great cause normally i just dump as much dressing as I want onto my salad and never realize that could be an excess of 200-300 calories just for a salad dressing! Crazy!

The yellow containers are for carbohydrates. You’ll be shocked at how small they are but these 21 day fix containers really help you keep in mind what constitutes a healthy portion size and what doesn’t. Otherwise it is way too easy to overeat and this means you won’t be losing the fat you need to in order to show off the muscle definition you’ve worked hard for.  This doesn’t mean you need to use the containers for the rest of your life but it does help you learn what a healthy portion is and what isn’t.  Also make sure to drink plenty of water while going on this diet as it will help you feel satisfied with the amount of food you are eating and you won’t eat too much.  You can have coffee and tea as well but don’t load up on cream and avoid sugar entirely.  Over all, the small containers are colored nicely and are easy enough to use so that you get portion management on point.  You can buy several sets so that you don’t have to keep washing and reusing.    Hope this helps a bit on your way to getting shredded!

Bodybuilding, Muscle Repair and the Importance of Physio

If you take bodybuilding and weight-lifting seriously, you’re obviously aware of how easy it is to get an injury while training. People who are well-educated in how to lift weights properly understand that you can’t just go in real heavy and start lifting twice your body weight. If you do this, you might be able to get through the workout in one piece, but the after effects will be brutal on your body. Not only will you feel extremely sore the next day because you are not accustomed to lifting so heavily, but you might cause some series strain to your muscles and be able to continue exercising until your muscles relax.

However, even worse off is that you might cause serious or permanent damage to your muscles from injuring them or pulling or even tearing muscle fibers or ligaments.  One of my best buddies is training to become a professional body builder and he visits a physiotherapist every two weeks to assess his body and help ensure he isn’t over doing it while lifting weights and body building. His therapist assesses his body and makes sure all of his muscles and joints are in the best possible condition.  His physiotherapist also gives him plenty of advice on how to make sure all the muscles and relaxed and well-stretched prior to any form of sports, training or weight-lifting.

His personal trainer tells him exactly what he needs to do each time he works out and is also the first person he visits if he strains himself by lifting too much weight.  Because he views this as a career rather than a hobby, he doesn’t might paying extra money for assessment and injury prevention.  Before visiting his physiotherapist, his body was a total wreck. He had serious scar tissues and issues within the muscles which were preventing them from being able to extend fully. After beginning a variety of different techniques and treatments, he was able to get more nutrients sent to his muscles from healing them and this allowed him to grow his muscles even more.  He said he’d rather not workout at the gym for the day than miss going to one of his physiotherapy sessions because they are just that important for regular maintenance of the body especially when you are putting so much pressure on your muscles and joints.

He also mentioned it’s important to drink plenty of water to make sure your body is hydrated and not to forget to drink water simply because you take a lot of protein drinks.  Regular exercise, stretching, even a bit of yoga and the treatments provided from physiotherapy will allow your body all the nutrients it needs to help your muscles grow big, strong and injury-free.

A Fit Body Goes Great with a White Smile

If you’re looking to improve your smile, you need to take care of it in the same way you take care of your body. A lot of people forget the importance of their mouth and think that a healthy mouth simply equals white teeth. This is not true! 😲

Many people have naturally white teeth but they are still plagued with a mouth full of cavities and deep-rooted issues in their gums that could cause dozens of problems for them down the road. In order to avoid becoming one of those people who has to get dentures at 40 years old, there are many steps you can take to reverse the “aging” effects of neglectful oral hygiene and get back those white shiny pearls like you had when you were a kid. 😁

healthy-white-smileHere are 3 healthy habits you can begin immediately:

1 – Always brush your teeth first thing upon waking up in the morning or after your morning coffee/breakfast. If you are a regular coffee drinker, it is crucial that you limit the amount of coffee you are drinking each day or brush your teeth after every glass. Brush your teeth after each meal and before bed and remember to floss before going to sleep so that your teeth can recuperate during the evening.

2 – Regularly schedule check-ups with your family dentist or family dentist in la mesa and have a teeth cleaning done at least once a year or preferably, once every 6 months. Maybe people put off going in for a cleaning year after year and cleaning your teeth professionally is essential for keeping a healthy mouth. Your dentist will be able to spot problems that your teeth might be having that could lead to larger health issues and your family doctor would have no idea otherwise. Your dentist can also see if there are any smaller dental issues that require you to pay more attention to flossing or brushing certain areas of your teeth that otherwise you wouldn’t have known about. Many people complain they can’t go in for their yearly cleaning because of financial costs, but a yearly maintenance can save you hundreds of dollars as opposed to avoiding the dentist for 3 years and then having to pay thousands for a major operation.

3 – Limit your sugar intake! This one hurts, I know. But sugar is bad for your teeth, plain and simple. Stop eating sugar before bed and if you do, make sure you brush your teeth. Stick to sugar-free chewing gum if the cravings strike and you start to crave sugar. Limit your soft drink consumption as well because carbonated water is bad for your teeth in excess. Eating too much sugar in excess will cause cavities so make sure your children follow the same guidelines.

Why Fiber is Important

Our body is our most important wealth. You can never buy anything that looks like it in the market. As investing to it will give you a good and excellent return in the future. As our body faces different free-radicals every day, is it better that we will return back its favor by detoxifying it and keeping it free from all toxins. Free radicals like smokes, melanin that causes harm to our body endangering our organs especially our immune system who acts as the body’s defender and protector.
Our gastrointestinal tract composes of different parts that does their part by digesting our food intake and will aide in eliminating the waste of our body through elimination. Sometimes, there are some toxins that are left behind and were not able to pass because of its rigidity and calcification in some folds of our intestines. This will cause the feeling of fullness and worst, it will create another problem in the future.
Fiber is the indigestible food from plants. There are two kinds, the soluble and the insoluble fibers. You can get fiber weight loss information here. They are both helpful in the body in carrying out bodily toxins and promoting good gastrointestinal function. Through our GI, breakdown of foods happen. This will give a clearer picture on how we got our energy that we are using every day. In this sense, we can appreciate how it mysteriously works to provide all the energy that would be able to sustain us throughout the whole day. Some foods that contain a high content of fiber are oatmeal, barley and oat bran. You can also get fiber in eating green and leafy vegetables and fruits like mango, pineapple, apple, banana and citrus. Reducing our cholesterol level and regulating our body sugar, fibers have many benefits to bring about in our body. Protecting us from future cardiac diseases in the future by annihilating the bad cholesterol away from our body, a sumptuous consumption of insoluble fiber would keep a person from acquiring hemorrhoids and colon cancer due to constantly experiencing constipation.


Person with diabetes should consume liberated amount of fiber because it helps them to regulate their body sugar thus the dosage of insulin will be lessen. It will give them the aid to regularize the sugar in the body and this will help lessen the viscosity in the blood promoting good circulation all throughout the body. With a small amount of calories, you will feel like you are full when you are in rich fiber diet and as a result of this, it will prevent you from gaining more weight. Most vegetables and fruits have high fiber content. They are usually served after meals and it will also give you your essential nutrients and minerals your body needs.
The importance of fiber in our daily diet has needed to take into appreciation.  One has to be knowledgeable about the benefits that it will cause to your body. Elimination is an important process, in which we are able to eradicate the bad elements that may harm us. Our body is our grace that we should take care of. In doing and giving the extra care it deserves, we are able to preserve it and we can prevent our body’s cells from aging. We should eat good food every day.

Best Protein and Fiber Supplements for Cutting

So, this site isn’t just going to target guys wanting to BULK.

In case you are unfamiliar with the terms bulking and cutting, let me fill you in. Bulking is when you eat an excess amount of calories in order to GAIN weight and muscle.

For example, a normal dude would consume around 2,200 calories a day to maintain his body weight, if he was 5’8 and 170 pounds.  If he wanted to put on 20 pounds of weight, he needs to consume 3,500 calories x 20 (since 3,500 calories equals one pound). He might eat 3,500 calories daily to gain that weight over time. This is called bulking.

Cutting, on the other hand, is for those guys who already ARE bigger and need to lean out or strip themselves of excess fat so they appear “cut” and defined.  This requires eating less calories, perhaps only 1500 daily in order to lose fat. When I gained muscle, I started by bulking and later had to do a quick cut to get real defined. However,  I was worried about my fiber intake since my diet was totally off for macronutrients. The majority of my diet was coming from protein sources and fats. No carbohydrates in sight, which means no fiber.

I ate only protein sources and limited carbs. My diet was primarily chicken, turkey, lean pork, and a ton of vegetables with light olive oil. I ate oatmeal before working out. I also ate a lot of cottage cheese and dairy products but was really light on carbs, even fruit.  I ate a ton of whey protein.  My mom was worried I wasn’t getting in enough fiber so she ordered a fiber supplement for me called skinny fiber to ensure I was having regular bowel movements. I took fiber pills twice a day and everything is good. Because I’m not eating as many carbs, I’m trying to make sure that I’m not going to be suffering by having a reduced fiber intake each day. And weight loss with fiber is always a sure thing.

When cutting, make sure to workout and exercise too. Some people get so caught up in the diet, they forget that exercise is crucial if you want to be defined. Otherwise, you will just be that skinny guy, like I was. You need a balance. Workout and eat well and eat lean in order to LOOK lean. Lifting weights is no joke. You can get super lean and trim fast if you are lifting weights a lot, especially heavy weights, because it helps to boost your metabolism and get you looking like a champion.

Stay tuned here on this site to watch my buddy’s progress. He currently weighs in at 250 pounds on a 5’8 frame and has to cut about 60 pounds of fat. He is hoping to achieve this goal by November of 2015 this year.  Wish him luck and we will see you here for our next update on his progress. See you bros and ladies! Until next time.

– Arthur