Bodybuilding, Muscle Repair and the Importance of Physio

If you take bodybuilding and weight-lifting seriously, you’re obviously aware of how easy it is to get an injury while training. People who are well-educated in how to lift weights properly understand that you can’t just go in real heavy and start lifting twice your body weight. If you do this, you might be able to get through the workout in one piece, but the after effects will be brutal on your body. Not only will you feel extremely sore the next day because you are not accustomed to lifting so heavily, but you might cause some series strain to your muscles and be able to continue exercising until your muscles relax.

However, even worse off is that you might cause serious or permanent damage to your muscles from injuring them or pulling or even tearing muscle fibers or ligaments.  One of my best buddies is training to become a professional body builder and he visits a physiotherapist every two weeks to assess his body and help ensure he isn’t over doing it while lifting weights and body building. His therapist assesses his body and makes sure all of his muscles and joints are in the best possible condition.  His physiotherapist also gives him plenty of advice on how to make sure all the muscles and relaxed and well-stretched prior to any form of sports, training or weight-lifting.

His personal trainer tells him exactly what he needs to do each time he works out and is also the first person he visits if he strains himself by lifting too much weight.  Because he views this as a career rather than a hobby, he doesn’t might paying extra money for assessment and injury prevention.  Before visiting his physiotherapist, his body was a total wreck. He had serious scar tissues and issues within the muscles which were preventing them from being able to extend fully. After beginning a variety of different techniques and treatments, he was able to get more nutrients sent to his muscles from healing them and this allowed him to grow his muscles even more.  He said he’d rather not workout at the gym for the day than miss going to one of his physiotherapy sessions because they are just that important for regular maintenance of the body especially when you are putting so much pressure on your muscles and joints.

He also mentioned it’s important to drink plenty of water to make sure your body is hydrated and not to forget to drink water simply because you take a lot of protein drinks.  Regular exercise, stretching, even a bit of yoga and the treatments provided from physiotherapy will allow your body all the nutrients it needs to help your muscles grow big, strong and injury-free.