Bulking Diet

“Bulking” is a term we use for people who want to put on a lot of muscle and usually cannot due to body structure or genetics, or fast metabolism causing them to have small frames and skinny bodies.
I had to bulk in order to put on a lot of weight.
Some people make big mistakes and think that CALORIES IS KEY. This is not correct. If you eat 4,000 calories of crap and junk that is full of sugar and fat, you will gain fat, you will not be helping your body put on any type of muscle.
You need to have a diet that is divided into healthy foods within each macronutrient group.
Half of your caloric intake should be from sources of protein and lean proteins if possible.
– fish or seafood
– skinless chicken breast or turkey
– lean red meats like pork or lean beef
– canned tuna or salmon cans
– Protein powders but more specifically, whey protein

40% of your diet should be coming from Carb sources
– brown rice
– brown bread
-fruits and vegetables

And of course, remember to have healthy fats but don’t over do it. For example:
– almonds, raw nuts, unsalted, unsugared
– avocados
– olive oil