Cutting using Portion Control Containers

Okay, so everyone loves the bulking phase. Man, who wouldn’t love stuffing your face with carbs, fats and your favorite beef sandwiches? Bulking is easy. I know some dudes have small appetites, but I certainly don’t. I eat like a horse.  I could probably actually eat a horse.  But that is the easy part – consuming excessive amounts of calories to help you bulk up in muscle before you go through the cutting phase to shred your body so you can see how defined your muscles are.  A lot of people don’t actually make it through this phase.  We recommend following a diet that is SIMPLE.

Here is my set:

my portion containers

Calorie counting is not my friend. I got some portion control containers for Christmas to help me during the cutting phase.  They are from this popular workout program called the 21 day fix that combines both diet and exercise in one. The container sizes vary in color depending on the food group.  The smallest ones are blue and orange and are reserved for eating seeds, salad dressings or oils.  The blue ones are for fats like avocados, hummus and so forth.  This is great cause normally i just dump as much dressing as I want onto my salad and never realize that could be an excess of 200-300 calories just for a salad dressing! Crazy!

The yellow containers are for carbohydrates. You’ll be shocked at how small they are but these 21 day fix containers really help you keep in mind what constitutes a healthy portion size and what doesn’t. Otherwise it is way too easy to overeat and this means you won’t be losing the fat you need to in order to show off the muscle definition you’ve worked hard for.  This doesn’t mean you need to use the containers for the rest of your life but it does help you learn what a healthy portion is and what isn’t.  Also make sure to drink plenty of water while going on this diet as it will help you feel satisfied with the amount of food you are eating and you won’t eat too much.  You can have coffee and tea as well but don’t load up on cream and avoid sugar entirely.  Over all, the small containers are colored nicely and are easy enough to use so that you get portion management on point.  You can buy several sets so that you don’t have to keep washing and reusing.    Hope this helps a bit on your way to getting shredded!