Spring is Coming: Get Shredded in 21 Days

Okay, I know it’s only February but let’s be real here.  Spring is coming and it ain’t gonna wait for you to get nice and lean. Most people laugh and say “Oh, I’ll be fit by then – I believe in myself – I still have time!  Seriously, bro? You think that you’re gonna do more in March? Really? Did you last year? My guess is no.

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The time is now to get in shape and if you think that you have time, you are fooling yourself.  It takes a lot longer to get fit than it does to put on the pounds.  A hardcore workout of 30 minutes might burn you 350 calories if you’re lucky. And that donut you just ate packed on 500 calories. So you tell me how you think you’re going to get in shape before the summer. That’s right, you won’t.  Lucky for you, I’m going to give you a kickstart diet but only if you promise me you will commit NOW and stop wasting your time and mine! The 21 day fix diet plan program is an awesome way to get fit.  It only takes 2 weeks to be locked into a habit. The first week will be torture, i know. Giving up sugar and carbs for 2 weeks? WHAT? That is unheard of for most people – especially when you’re going to parties and drinking beer each night.  But if you’re complaining, I want you to look down at that belly of yours ant let me know if you still want it.

If you can cut out sugar for that long, there isn’t much you can’t do.  Soon you won’t even be craving the junk you normally eat on a day to day basis.  Sure, everyone has their vices.  But you can’t let food be your vice. You need to indulge in something else, something that won’t make you fat. Maybe this is the first time you’ll hear this on a fitness blog, but I have a great idea.  How about indulging by watching a binge session of a new TV series.  What? How will that help me lose weight?  Well, you’re going to workout while watching the show.  Get an exercise bike for under 50 bucks at a second hand shop or a small time stepper. You don’t need a crazy top of the line machine. You just need something you can MOVE to and burn calories.  Make your time valuable.  The 21 day diet requires persistence, patience and commitment.  Don’t eat any junk for 21 days and see how you feel afterwards.  I promise you that after the first two weeks, you will get over the cravings and you’ll be able to walk by a bakery and not even crave any junk.  It’s just that simple.

Comment below and let me know if you’ve tried my suggestions and how they have worked for you. I’ve lost about 10 pounds by trying this in only 3 weeks and my muscles are more cut than ever.